Public Annoucmenet

August is well on its way, and we are carrying out a few maintenance jobs around the shepherds huts. We are very excited to be adding a brand new hot tub to our Jacob Shepherd Hut, with great success with our Cotswold and Herdwick shepherd huts which already have hot tubs. We are very happy with our Roto Spa tub and wanted to get another to match the other two.

We kept getting asked why dont you add one to the ‘sheep’ themed hut. We discussed it and thought why not… Friday 18th August 2023 is the day you can book our Jacob hut with a hot tub, grab a relaxing break or if your think of revisiting try a different hut.

We are very excited for the next few months with changes happening around to make sure our guests have the best experience with the most luxurious huts in York

Grab a break away with us you wouldn’t be disappointed